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360 Nutrition: Food Allergies

Natural Food Expert Janet Jacks gives insight on the growing concern of food allergies. Have you notices more and more people are developing food insensitivity?  The wheat of today has been processed and changed since your great-grandmother's generation. Modern wheat was changed approximately 40 years ago when it used to be 4 1/2 to 5 feet tall, then a process was developed in which wheat is now 18 to 24 inches tall. When you change wheat that much, you can't expect the genetic make-up to be untouched. The wheat of today has approximately 10 times more gluten than it used to. The gluten structure within that wheat has also changed where now it is very hard to digest. Not only is it inflammatory, creating pain and raising our LDL bad cholesterol levels, but it is also addicted. It makes us eat and eat and never be truly satisfied. The wheat of today is having opiate-like qualities, allowing us to become addicted to it and unable to let it go easily. Estimates today say that over 95% of all the wheat on the market is this new modern wheat. It has been linked to things like depression and mood disorders, behavioral problems in children, stubborn rashes, and weight gain. It's a simple understanding, and yet its a profound thing, to give "no-wheat" a try. Give it four weeks to go "what-free" and see the difference for yourself.

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