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360 Nutrition: The Problem of Sugar

Nutrition Expert Janet Jacks shares with us the major problem of sugar. When we sit back and think about how much sugar we are consuming, it is rather shocking. The average person is consuming 150 lbs of sugar per year, or approximately 1/2 lb of sugar per day. You may not be bringing home the sugar in the sugar bags, but it does come in other foods we are eating. We are not aware of the amount of sugar that is found in our savory foods such as pasta sauces, lunch meats, salad dressings and so on. The problem that has developed in the last few years is the "fear of fat", so when you remove the fat from most products and the flavor goes down, they often use sugar to replace it. Refined processed sugar has crept its way into almost anything. It's the most common additive because it's inexpensive and tastes good.  It impaires our immune system, zaps our energy and makes us more tired. We need to cut down the amount of sugar we eat and look to healthy alternatives:

1. Honey, or Raw Honey, a natural sweetener.

2.  Maple Syrup: Has all the minerals of the whole plant. 

3. Sucanat - sugar cane natural, you can substitute in baking.

4. Chocolate - 70% or more have beneficial antioxidants.

5. Stevia - use with things that are lemony, cranberry-taste. Things that are more neutral, use half maple syrup.

Our goal is to eat less sugars but to maintain the flavor in our foods.  We need to get rid of the fake foods that are not beneficial to the body. Use the right alternatives, combine them with healthy fats such as almonds and chocolates, and you will end up with a great result.

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