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A Country Doctor's Healing Encounters with the Hereafter

Dr. Reggie Anderson has practiced family medicine for over 25 years, and he serves as Chief of Staff of TriStar Ashland City Medical Centre in Tennessee.

From an early age, Reggie has a very strong "God-awareness". He had a dream when he was four and half year old where God told him that he will win the pony from a TV station contest.

Guess what? He won. 

The Devastation that led to Atheism

Reggie was raised in a very strong Christian family. But something terrible happened during his high school years that truly shook his faith.

Two of his best friends, Jimmy and Jerry Alday (who were also his cousins), lived on the farm next door to him. In May of 1973, both Jimmy and Jerry as well as their whole family were brutally murdered. All 6 of them. Three of the murderers were escaped prisoners who wound up in Reggie's town while being on the run.

As a young boy at the age of 15, Reggie could not imagine that a good God would allow such a horrible thing to happen to his best friends and their entire family. He wondered then if there even was a God. So he became an Atheist. Instead of going to the church along with his parents, Reggie went with the "church of academia", attempting to answer life's questions with science and reasoning.

The Dream that Changed His Life

Strangely enough, it was in medical school that Reggie realized the lie of academia. Looking at the anatomy of humans, he knew that such a beauty could not just happen by chance. This work of art has to be designed by an artist. Reggie started looking for 'the artist'.

At the same time, he met a lady who was a strong believer in Christ. She gave him a C.S. Lewis book, Mere Christianity. They went on a date once but she would not go out with him again because he was an atheist.

During a camping trip in 1980, Reggie brought Mere Christianity and a bible as reading materials. He read through the whole book of Mere Christianity and the Gospel of John as this lady had challenged him to pray for God to reveal Himself to him.

As soon as he closed the bible, he fell asleep.

When he fell asleep, he started dreaming - just like the ones that he had dreamt when he was four and a half years old.

In that dream, he saw Jesus coming to him and asked, "Reggie, why are you running from me? Your friends are here with me in paradise. "

Reggie turned and he could see Jimmy and Jerry and their entire family. They were well, healthy and happy. Most importantly, they wanted to be where they were. They didn't want to go back to earth.

The place they were in was so peaceful and so real. To this day, that place felt more real to Reggie than this place - where we call earth. Everything was more real and more solid in that place.

When he woke up in the dream, he was still in the camping grounds. Reggie immediately knew that he was a Christian. It was a 180 degrees change from where he was.

In that dream, God did heart business with Reggie. God pulled him out of his ditch.

Glimpses of Heaven

As a medical student (and now as a doctor) he has had many experiences where he would hold the hand of the dying.

When the dying takes the last breath, it was as if a door had opened and spring had come into the room. The smell that he had smelt in the dream will be there. There was also the feeling of another presence in the room with him.

Everything about heaven that he had experienced before in that dream was coming back to him again.

Through these experiences, Reggie knew that there was just a very thin space between here and there.

"We are not running toward eternity. Eternity walks right beside us."

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Watch the second interview with Dr. Reggie Anderson:

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