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A Genocide is Happening

Just a few weeks ago in the news, secretary of State John Kerry in the United States announced that what ISIS is doing in the Middle East constitutes as genocide against minorities. Especially including Christians, Yazidis, and Shia Muslims.

John Kerry making this statement is a huge step. As a result of this more pressure can be put on the United States and other nations of the world to do something about it. The last time the United States made an announcement like this was in 2004 with the slaughter of Christians in Darfur, Sudan.

This isn't just war, or civil war, it is genocide.

This issue is about minorities. Yazidis have been trafficked, raped, and sold. It is heartbreaking to see and as people of faith, anyone who is oppressed in this world we have to step up and speak for them.

The archbishop of Washington, Cardinal Donald Wuerl put out his own statement,

"For some time the world has witnessed the deliberate and organized effort by ISIS to eliminate Christians from the Middle East, for the US government to call this savagery by its proper name "genocide" is a welcome step in what must now be a more committed effort at bringing peace and security to that beleaguered land."

We have a history around the world of waiting too long to call something genocide, which allows it to continue. We saw that with the Nazis, we saw that in Rwanda. So many times the Nations of the world are slow to call it what it is, but it is so important to stand up for people that are suffering. A lot think the US government waited too long to do this. Yet they are doing it, which is a big step.

For these persecuted people to see that their brothers and sisters on the other side of the world are hearing their plea is so important. For us to actually see the pain they are going through and say YES.

We are going to take an added effort.

We are going to stand up for our suffering brothers and sisters and pray for them.

We are going to urge our government to stand and fight.

We live in peace and security here in the West. It is almost a sin for us to sit and enjoy our freedom and the blessing we have to live our faith out and not speak up for the persecuted church.

These people are our family members, we need to speak up for them, pray for them, advocate for them.

We need to show them that they are not alone and that we stand with them.

People are willing to face death to follow Jesus. We need to applaud that.

When we partner with people we can bring such healing and transformation.

Our 100 Huntley Street co-host Johnnie Moore has been advocating for this fight. He has a website that can help us stand with Christians in the Middle East who are decreasing in dramatic numbers. If this is an issue that has been on your heart and you want to do something about it go to the website and

HELP ADVOCATE for the Persecuted Church by CLICKING HERE

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