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A Global Peacemaker / CANON ANDREW WHITE

Canon Andrew White is Founder and President of the Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East. A charity which provides spiritual and material relief to refugees displaced by violent upheaval. He pastored once of the largest churches in Iraq until November 2014 when the escalating violence finally forced him to leave. In his newest book, "My Journey So Far" tells the story of how he heeded the call to a ministry that would make him an award winning global peace maker.

Canon Andrew White talks about Christ Church in Jerusalem where he is involved quite often. One time when he visited he received a very important prophecy telling him that his life was to be spent working for peace in the Middle East. He assumed that would be in Jerusalem but God kicked him over the border.

His work in peace making started with the fact that he was an expert in Judaism. He eventually pulled together the "Alexandria Declaration" which for the first time brought together the Islamic, the Jewish, and the Christian leaders of Jerusalem and Israel and Palestine, to work for peace. That laid the foundation which lead him further.

Canon Andrew White says, you can't make peace where there is no war. You can only make peace where there are problems. He says he doesn't do discouragement. There are hard times but he does not give up. He has never felt like he should do something different.

He says that part of the peacemaking process, is learning to love your enemies. He has often invited the bad guys to dinner. Often through this they become peacemakers.

The man who founded Hamas, came to dinner, became a peacemaker, left Hamas and is now working for peace outstandingly. He has invited ISIS leaders but they did not come.

We have a hard time loving our enemies here in the West for the smallest thing and yet he loves people who have done so much evil. Canon Andrew Whites prays that the Lord will help him love his enemies. If we pray for peace, we have to work for peace. You have to take risks, and take risks with those who might not want peace. We are told to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and if we are to pray for it we must work for it as well.

He has done incredible work in the world and it is all about risk taking. When you choose not to take a risk you are limiting the work of the Holy Spirit in ministry. If you really want to move and achieve a difference it is going to be costly.

A lot of us use restrictions in our lives to hold us back but he is living with MS and does amazing work. He says that he just does what God calls him to do. He won't call you if you are not to do it.

Canon Andrew White's Book - "My Journey So Far" is Available Through our Crossroads ESTORE HERE

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