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A Life Impacted through Crossroads Relief and Development

Crossroads Relief and Development has been partnering with the Mully Children's Family (MCF) for more than a decade. It's been the faithfulness of our partners that have helped so many abandoned children find a home.

One of those children was Mbithi (Peter) joined MCF in 2007. He used to live with his parents, though he does not know his biological father. He was the first born and had 3 younger siblings. His mother married his stepfather and there began a lot of conflict. His stepfathered complained that the children were not his biological children. He was not in a position to provide for basic needs. It hardened Mbithi's heart. His heart grew bitterness and hatred.

They spent days without food and because he was the oldest he had a hard time. He began to work in the neighbours fields as a casual labourer to get something for himself and to help his mother. They lived in a one bedroom mud house. His mother went on to have 3 more children. So there were 9 people in the one room house that was muddy and dirty. It was a time and he would watch his stepfather beat his mother. Psychological problems come from seeing what he saw and he felt like he didn't have a future. He felt hopeless.

He did not give up. He kept working hard in school and in 2006 he graduated from grade 8. His marks were high. Teacher knew about MCF and the problems Mbithi was facing at home. He knew the potential and he helped him get rescued into MCF.

It was hard at first but the model that MCF uses helped him. They focus first on rescue, then rehabilitation, and finally reintegration. After they rescued him rehabilitation began. They do spiritual nourishment and give counselling. Mbithi says that the number one thing he got was having Jesus at the centre of his life. It completely changed his heart as he began to receive love and parental care. That softened his heart. He learned about forgiveness and had a family reunion where he could share with his parents. Things became better with his family.

Mbithi graduated in 2011 from MCF in grade 12.

Mbithi says he has never met such a loving father like Charles Mulli. He is a mentor and a father. He is helping him reach his potential and sponsored him to go to university. Where he finished accounting last year. He is now working with MCF even though he could have gone somewhere and made more money.

Mbithi says he decided to give himself back because he saw the way Charles has given his life to so many children. He is not only a father but a mentor. He wants to help his brothers and sisters achieve their goals as well.

He wants to mentor the next generation to use the potential God has given to them to change the world around them.

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