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A Man Who Told Us the Truth / Will Davis Jr.

Will Davis Jr. has written a new book, "A Man Who Told Us the Truth"

What Man? What Truth?

It is designed in a post-modern world that doesn't believe in truth. It's designed to create a little bit of reader tension; that's why there is no subtitle.

The introduction is a story; they have to start reading to find out. It is a book for non-believers but Christians will love this book. You can hand this book to a non-believer. It is designed to create this tension for a non-Christian to do some thinking.

The man is Jesus described by John. Everything in the book is out of John's gospel.

The truth is from John 8:40,

I a man who has told you the truth that I heard from God.

Jesus isn't just the son of God but he is the one guy we can count on in history to tell us the truth. Especially on issues that matter. So that's how we need to present Him to our non-believing friends.

He tells us in the Bible what truth is.

In this day and age when everybody pushes back on things ultimate. Jesus comes along and says not only does it exist it's personified in me.

Truth is not a concept; truth is a person.

Truth is ultimately summarized.

Jesus modelled for us everything that truth is because everything truth is, is in God. Jesus modelled God for us.

Jesus talked about truth as he was about to be executed because truth is bigger than circumstances. Truth is bigger than fact.

Aim of this book is to reach people who don't know Christ. There is a movement of people meeting in cafes and people exploring truth.

Some people explain truth as a journey, but it's not a journey. It's a destination, and that destination is a person.

There is no integrity in seeking ultimate reality if you are not willing to acknowledge it when you find it. If the goal of seeking is not finding than why seek?

As people read the book they will be challenged to accept some of the things Jesus said. How audacious of Jesus was it to say,

"I'm the way, I'm the truth"

There is no back door, there's no detour. Can He say that?

Human logic says no, human wisdom says no.

If it's not human logic.

Either Jesus is nuts and crazy, or He knows something we don't. If He knows something we don't than we better pay attention.

If He is in fact, who He says He is, then we better pay attention.

A risky subject anywhere is to bring up God. That's because either people don't know what they believe or they know what they believe and they are not living by it.

 Talking about God is slightly more acceptable than talking about Jesus. God is a concept that different religions can talk about but Jesus that is pretty specific.

The conversation of Jesus requires thought.

Christians are told they check their brains at the door. Religion for non-thinkers but it is just the opposite. When was the last time someone stopped reading the Bible because it was too easy to understand? Never. Christianity requires you to think. Jesus challenged our brains.

Will wants this book to cause a meaningful conversation on what truth is or is not. If it exists, how you find it.

What if? What if Jesus actually was who he said he was? If His claims were true, what do we as an average person with those claims.

If Jesus is the son of God, then the news for the most part is amazingly good. There really is a God, He really did create us, He really is wildly and passionately in love with you, you really are accountable to Him, He really has made a way for you to get to Heaven. It's a way that everyone in history can find. It is not some exclusive club; He wants everybody to be saved. If Jesus really is Gods son than there really is hope for the world. It's not humans, it is God. He really is doing something.

Christianity is not about people finding God, it's about God finding people, through Jesus Christ.

Religion is man trying to get to God and man can't get to God. Man can't get to God, the gap is too far and our sin is going to anchor us in humanity. The point of origin is in Heaven with God. He comes to us through Christ. Truth pursues us. If you open up your mind you will find it.

Christianity is the only story where the hero dies for the villain. Where the doctor dies for the patient.

How can we do a better job engaging people and talking to people about Christ?

We need to trust God to fill the gaps. You don't have all the answers, it's not your job to save anybody.

The implications of Jesus not being the son of God are huge.

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