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A Mother's Job Description: Chauffer!

As the mother of 5 grown children - and the Marmee of 7 brilliant grandchildren, I have learned a thing or two about mothering over the years.

I have learned that a mother actually has many job descriptions.

I want to remind you of some of the hats that you might wear as a mother.

First, a mother is a CHAUFFER!

I am not referring to the endless days of taking kids to soccer    practice, youth group, the orthodontist and piano lessons.

Every important destination that a child arrives at is because he or she had a mom who took the job of chauffeuring seriously.

From sleeping all night... to giving up their pacifiers... to learning how to write their names... to making their beds... to personal hygiene... to graduation day... 

You are the mom and you lead them in the right direction in order to reach these important goals in life.

You must not merely point them in the right direction but by the example of your life you must take them there.

Telling is not enough when it comes to mothering. 

You must model it by your daily life choices.

Your child will be no kinder than you are... they will not be happier than you are... and they certainly won't read the Bible if you don't.

You must be an example of moral excellence, of choosing   wisdom, of speaking gently and of daily discipline.

As you chauffeur your children through life, it is your input and impact that will take them through low valleys and to mountain top vistas... across bumpy, dirt roads and away from dead ends. 

The fact that you are in the driver's seat will assure their safety and eventual arrival at a healthy place in life.

If you follow the confusing cultural road map of the day, it will only lead to dead ends in life.

But if you follow the trustworthy directions found only in the Bible, your children will lead a life of heaven's Blessing!

Train up a child in the way he should go and even when he is old he will not depart from it! 

Proverbs 22:6

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