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A Mother's Prayer Led Her Muslim Son to Jesus

Afsar Ahmed was born and bred in England. His father was a Muslim while his mother was a Christian. When they got married, his father forced his mother to become a Muslim. In response to this, his mother prayed that one of her sons will become a Christian. That is probably the beginning of Afsar's faith journey.

Growing up, Afsar's father would always take Afsar and his siblings out of primary school whenever it is Easter or Christmas because he did not want them to hear the messages behind these celebrations.Little did Afsar's father know, God had already began His work in Afsar.

In secondary school, Afsar made a metal cross in one of his classes and hid it. However, he had no idea why he did that. He had also painted a cross on a Gideon bible that was given to him in school. This bible got him into trouble when his father found it among his belongings. Afsar saw fear in his father's eyes amidst the anger.

Ironically, it was this fear and anger that got Afsar intrigued about Christianity and Jesus.

Yet, upon arriving in Canada, he rejected the message of the gospel because he did not believe that one can have a personal relationship with God. That was not the way he was taught growing up in the Muslim faith.

"I'm going to prove to you that my God is the real God..."

In the end, it was the persistence and faith of a young Christian girl who broke him down. She prayed a bold prayer in front of Afsar, that God will place him in a family who are all born again Christians for his summer placement.

Guess what? God answered that prayer and Afsar's life was never the same again...

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