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A New Story

I love stories. From the time I have been little I have loved getting lost in a good book, in a wonderful tale that takes my imagination away to another time and place. Sometimes I would be one of the Famous Five, solving crimes in England. Or I would be Encyclopedia Brown trying to catch bad guys in the neighborhood. Anne of Green Gables in a romantic PEI tale. I remember my mom telling me, "STOP reading! Go outside and play!" Most times now I read to learn, but sometimes I still just love to read simply to find a great story.

There is a lot of reference these days about Living Your Story. (Read some Donald Miller, he writes beautifully about this) I really like the picture that paints for me. When you really think about it - we are all in the middle of our own book, our own adventure. I'm sure many of our stories could make it on the bestseller list if we were to write them down in book form. As I have been thinking about this... I have realized that unlike the stories I read on paper, my story is a living and breathing tale. In fact, I can even make choices in my life that can affect how my story turns out. It's a continual work in progress that will continue for my whole life. This inspires me to make sure that my story has purpose, passion, adventure and great excitement! I don't want my story to be a bore! I also definitely want my story to involve things that I love and care about - God, my family, friends, and ministry. All the things in life that I value. I also know that sometimes my story will involve mistakes, regrets, bad decisions... but that's ok. It's all part of the journey. We are all in the middle of a story!

We don't often want to read the same story over and over. A story that never changes or goes anywhere. A story that is uninspiring. Nope. Our stories need to be refreshing - stories of change, growth and NEW experiences. Who wouldn't want to read that! Who wouldn't want to LIVE that!

There are stories upon stories out there, waiting to be written by us. The best part is that our story is intertwined with Jesus - the greatest story of all - a REAL story of love and redemption. Our story, powered by his story of truth can allow us to fill the greatest pages yet in our book as we move forward. Let's write a story with our lives that we can't put down!!

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God blesses those who patiently endure testing and temptation. Afterward they will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him.
- James1:12 NLT
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Dear God, sometimes my "testing" season seems so long. Please give me courage to endure until the end. Help me not to bail! You said you would bless me for hanging in there - I will not give up on you or your promises. You are with me and will see me through this trial.