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A Parents Best Gift / LEANNE CABRAL

Some statistics show that nearly 80% percent of kids walk away from their faith by the age of eighteen. Leanne asks, if you could give your child the perfect gift wouldn't it be a legacy of faith?

The best gift we can give our kids is to live our lives in such a way that they know who Jesus is and His incredible love for them. While many understand this task in theory, most of us struggle practically applying this in everyday life.  As parents, you are always trying to find ways to pour into your children's lives. Though when they get older things change and you need to think day to day what you can do to guide them.

Leanne started her journey assessing her own situation. With so much going on such as moving, having a new baby, and a new job, it's easy to put yourself and your work life into survival mode. Leanne at the time forgot to leave survival mode. It wasn't until her daughter turned nine that she realized it was time to do something, because her daughter could leave in another nine years. Through her journey she learned that she had a warped view of herself, a warped view of God and dealt with negative self-talk. 

He tends his flock like a shepherd. He gathers the lambs in his arm and carries them close to his heart; he gently leads those that have young.  ~ Isaiah 40:11

Isaiah 40:11 changed everything for her as she realized that was exactly what God had been doing for her. God was not mad at her because she couldn't keep up. Similar to a child's first steps, you celebrate every step and encourage them to get back up. God is there to guide you and help you get back up.

Leanne heard God's voice one day, admits all the craziness and business, telling her the only thing I will hold you accountable for is the atmosphere you create in your home and how you interact with your children and that you point them to me.

Leanne decided to quit her job, closing down her business (that was doing very well) and began researching to see what other families were doing. There is a lot of written material on passing faith on to our kids, but no one was saying how to do it. Leanne didn't know where to start. She had questions like, "how do i teach my kids to pray?  What do I pray for them?  How do I teach them how to hear God's voice?"

"We share the onus of creating children who love God with God, free choice and me and my faithfulness."

James 5:16b The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.

"Build a plan, make a commitment to obey God as a family, pray through your home, make a family mission statement."

There are so many messages children receive from the world about who they are and where they are meant to go in life. Yet as parents and believers we know that God has much bigger plans.

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