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A Scientist's Experience with Genesis 1

Astronomer Dr. Hugh Ross did not meet any Christians until 8 years after he gave his life to Christ. It was then when he realized that there were many Christians who struggle with the creation account in Genesis.

That did not happen to Dr. Ross because when he started to read the bible, he started from page 1 - Genesis 1:1. As a scientist, he recognized the scientific methods that were leaping off the page for him right there in Genesis 1.

The key point is, don't interpret Genesis 1 until you have established the frame of reference or the point of view.

In Genesis 1:1, it says, "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth." That refers to the universe as a whole. However, when it goes to Genesis 1:2, it changes the point of view from the universe to the surface of planet earth.

This makes a huge difference.

If one sees the 6 days of creation from the perspective of God telling the story from above the clouds, then it will simply be scientific nonsense. Yet, if the point of view is underneath the clouds, then everything is a perfect fit.

Genesis 1:2 gives us 4 starting conditions:

  1. It is dark on the surface of the waters.
  2. The waters cover the whole surface of the earth.
  3. The earth is empty of life.
  4. The earth is unfit for life.

With the correct point of view and the correct starting conditions established, one will be able to go through the 6 days of creation and see how it all fits the established scientific records.

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