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A Soul for Sale / CAROL KORNACKI

Carol Kornacki's story is breathtaking, heart wrenching and a perfect example of God's grace and redemption. Raised in an abusive family, sexually abused at the age of eight, a heroin addict in her early twenties. By the time she was 21, she had been pregnant three times. She had several abortions, practiced witch craft, sold her soul to the devil and got hepatitis B and told she was going to die. But she is here today alive and well because of Jesus and His saving grace.

After all that Carol has been through, she still questions how she is still here. "It chokes me up all the time. I look in the mirror and think, to think that someone could go through all that and be able to tell the story receptivity and let people know Jesus can do it.  

As a child, Carol never heard the words ‘I love you.' As a result, she started looking for love in all the wrong places. Carol had no relation with God at that point. Growing up in a home where there is violence, abuse, brokenness, alcoholism, mental illness, Carol started to question where God was. One day, Carol went to church and she saw a depiction crucifix with Jesus pinned to it. Carol remembers saying that he was dead, and that he could not help her when she is abused, hurt, broken or beaten.

Carol was in a mental institution as a result of her behaviour which was fuelled by drugs. After 30 days of isolation, when she left the institution she became worse off than when she went in. She did more drugs and started practicing witch craft and sold her soul to the devil. Carol decided to get married to a man who was a drug addict as well. She found herself pregnant and her husband told her to get rid of the baby. Even though Carol had abortions before, this one was different. Carol states that so much of her died. She wanted to love the baby as she was never loved.

One day working at a bar, a women approached her and her name was Linda. Linda wanted to introduce her to a man named Jesus and promised Carol that He would be different than any other man she had ever known. Linda invited her to church. When Carol was at church the pastor invited anyone who was sick to go to the front so he can pray for them. 2000 people prayed for Carol to touch her and He did. God reconstructed Carol's body and mind. Carol felt the love that she had been longing for. 

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