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Actively Engaged: Bringing Urgent Help When It's Needed

Ten years ago, hurricane Katrina pummeled New Orleans and the shoreline of Mississippi with its devastating fury. Her category five ferocity reached winds of up to 280 km per hour. My wife Ann and I visited the area just two weeks after the storm to report on the relief efforts in which Crossroads was heavily involved. As we walked soberly through the debris in what was left of Gulfport, Mississippi, we saw countless homes with nothing left but concrete foundation slabs. Walking further, we came upon the skeleton of a large church building; it seemed so surreal. What had obviously been a beautiful edifice of worship was reduced to a hollow shell. Shattered pews, Bibles and hymn books lay strewn amongst the broken bricks and twisted metal. This scene, combined with what we had already seen of flattened homes and workplaces, caused us to pray for all the people who were personally affected and still in a state of shock. So many had lost everything they held dear, even their places of worship. The generosity of our TV viewers enabled us to be ACTIVELY ENGAGED in bringing urgent help and hope.

When we consider today's culture, it seems as though the enemy of our souls has been pummeling it with devastating "category five" winds, laying waste to many of our dearly held societal structures that were built on solid "foundation slabs" of Scriptural truth. Sometimes it feels like we're walking through the rubble of what used to be recognized as right and wrong.

The underpinnings of the sanctity of life, the sacredness of sexuality, integrity in leadership, and the authority of God's Word are being attacked like never before. Many are in a state of shock, wondering how our culture ever reached this level of devastation. But the good news is that as we become ACTIVELY ENGAGED, we can begin to rebuild on God's solid foundations.

Getting back to my story… As we were beside what was left of that beloved church structure, Ann noticed something by her feet. She picked up a dirty, water-damaged hymn book, and we both noticed the page it was opened to... Amazing Grace. That spoke to us clearly of the hope of restoration, because we serve a gracious God!

As our ministry leader, Dr. John Hull has clearly expressed his determination for Crossroads to be ACTIVELY ENGAGED in strongly, yet lovingly, speaking Biblical Truth into some of today's most divisive issues. Joining John in April will be Pastor Chip Ingram, author of a powerful book called, CULTURE SHOCK. As we look around us, there are "10,000 Reasons to Engage!"

Thank you for being ACTIVELY ENGAGED with us through your prayers and gifts. Together we can bring hope to a world experiencing the relentless force of Satan's raging winds.

Praise God for His "Amazing Grace!"


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