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Advent: Keeping Jesus as the Focus

As the Christmas season approaches, we see people all around us getting excited for this special time of celebration.  But sometimes, we get so focused on getting ready for Christmas in the physical, that the spiritual part takes second place. Here are some easy advent ideas that will help you focus. Advent means "coming" and taking some time with your family to prepare to celebrate the coming of Jesus will add depth and meaning to your Christmas season. 

Christmas Scripture Countdown

Make a Scripture Advent countdown tree. Get some little burlap bags and put a gift tag with scripture references written on the back in each bag. Add a little treat, and each day children can pick the bag, read the story from the Bible and hang the tag on the tree. A great Biblical journey to celebrate the birth of Jesus!

Names of Jesus paper chain

Go back to childhood and make a paper chain. Each link has one of the names of Jesus from scripture and the verse where it is found in the Bible. Every day during advent take a part of the chain off and read the names together and reflect on all the ways Jesus was referred to in the Bible. 

Acts of Kindness Countdown

Make your advent celebration about serving others. Each day have your children add the advent number to the tree after they have shown kindness to someone. Or, make a kindness calendar for the month with pre-determined acts of kindness for children to follow. End the month with a Kindness project for the whole family to participate in together.

Nativity Basket

For the season of advent have a little basket containing some props that could be used to act out the Christmas story. Include a couple of your favourite Christmas storybooks and leave this basket out near your tree. Each day your children will love reading and acting out the story as they prepare for December 25th.

For more fun advent ideas, check out our 100 Huntley Pinterest board.

Take some time this year to journey through advent and prepare your hearts to celebrate Jesus. 

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