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Amy Grant with Moira Brown - How Mercy Looks From Here

Moira sits down at the Break Forth Conference in Edmonton with Grammy Award-winning artist, Amy Grant, known for putting Christian contemporary music on the map.

With six Grammys, numerous Dove Awards, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and numerous other accolades to her credit, Amy Grant is an American music icon who has erased lines between genres and earned the respect of fans and peers with her honesty, vulnerability and ceaseless creativity.  In 1991 her first multiplatinum album

HEART IN MOTION included the #1 Top Ten hit Baby Baby. Every time I hear it, I remember the surprise baby shower Crossroads' staff gave Richard and me.  I was ready to explode with our firstborn, Katherine, and I was laughing so hard I thought I might!  The song began, and into the 100 Huntley Street lunchroom came a female on our staff with look-alike Amy Grant locks.  She held a microphone and mimed the lyrics and moves, backed by a trio of crew guys wearing baby bonnets, big bibs and gigantic soothers around their necks.  I wish we had this music video to show you.  It will always be a #1 hit in my heart. 

On October 28th, we broadcast some of my vulnerable moments with Amy, taped at the Breakforth Conference in Edmonton last January. Our full visit can be found at

 Amy's reflections on her godly heritage -particularly the influence of her mother and grandmother were touching.   Her mom died a couple of years ago, but many years back, she asked Amy to write a poem that could be shared as part of her message to a women's group.  The young songwriter was surprisingly insightful then, but more recently added reflections from her maturing journey of womanhood.  We have transcribed them for you here:

It occurred to me this morning as I washed this face of mine,

How quickly come the changes with a little passing time.

A wrinkle here, a hair turned grey, a not so lilting step,

I see me getting older, but I don't quite feel it yet.

Times I nearly feel my age, at others I'm 16,

So full am I at all the thoughts and feelings in between.

(And the added reflections)

Who could have known the road of life would twist and turn so much.

The journey makes me strong and weak and tender to the touch.

And so, today I face the choice that I have faced each day.

Will I be open, teachable, unafraid of change.

Yes, I'll embrace this moment, forgive my past mistakes.

Realized just showing up is sometimes all it takes.

And I'll look for the kind of beauty that time cannot erase.

Wisdom and experience, resting on each face.

Is there a mother, father, grandparent, relative, teacher or friend to whom you could express appreciation for investing in the person you have become?

Part 2:

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