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Angels in the Bible

When it comes to the topic of Angels, there is no need to be fanciful or fanatical, for the bible provides enough solid data for a satisfying understanding of these mysterious creatures. Overall in scripture, there are 234 specific passages about angels and references to angels in 39 books in the bible - 19 in the Old Testament and 20 in the new. The range of angelic activity goes from Genesis 3 to Revelation 22. Though they are awe-inspiring to us angels are a normal part of God's created order. They frequently show up in our favourite bible stories:

  • Angels comforted Hagar in the desert
  •          Delivered Lot from Sodom
  •          Guided Israel through the wilderness
  •          Fed Elijah under the juniper tree
  •          Surrounded Elisha with chariots of fire
  •          Saved Hezekiah from Assyria's onslaught
  •          Led Isaiah to spiritual commitment
  •          Directed Ezekiel into ministry
  •          Surrounded Jesus through every phase of his work.
  •          Bore Lazarus to heaven
  •          Delivered Peter from prison
  •          Comforted Paul onboard a sinking ship
  •          Gave John a VIP tour of new Jerusalem

Sometimes these heavenly visitants appeared in human form and sometimes in superhuman splendor. Sometimes they were recognized as supernatural, but on other occasions they appeared as run of the mill strangers. Sometimes the angels appeared as ones or twos, other times in multitudes. Some had wings, others didn't. Sometimes their feet were on the ground, sometimes they hovered in the sky. Often they materialized into three dimensional reality but occasionally they slipped into a person's dreams. I don't believe angelic activity ended in the book of Revelation, or that the ministry of angels was limited to the days of the bible. Angels continue their non-stop work on behalf of the Saints. If we have biblical indications, as we do, that demonic activity will increase as we draw close to the end of the age, it's only reasonable to assume the same is true of angelic enterprises.

Hebrews 1:14 "Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?"

The British preacher Charles Spurgeon politely proclaimed "I do not know how to explain it, I cannot tell how it is, but I believe that angels have a great deal to do with the business of this world."

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