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Antichrist & the False Prophet / TARGET ISRAEL

The Bible refers to the False Prophet and the Antichrist. These are two different people. A false religious leader and a false political leader. A lineup card in the book of Revelation. 7 symbolic players in the great end time's drama. The last 2 are the Beast out of the Sea and the Beast out of the Earth (The False Prophet). You have a false religious leader in the end times who is urging people to follow the leadership of the Antichrist. That tells us that there is a breakdown of theology, biblical truth, Christian influence in society because society is deceived enough to follow this. The Beast that He's called in the book of Revelation - John calls him in his letters "Antichrist" (Against Christ). He goes by many other names in the Bible. When trying to figure out who this might be, Dr. Hindson says he believes it to be a leader from the Western Nations.

The Antichrist is not a Muslim, he is not a Jew, he is certainly not a Christian. He is an Atheist/Secularist and that is what we are seeing in society today. A rise of secularism that wants to push God right out of society, out of our educational system, out of our political system, out of our lives and it never remains neutral. The vacuum is immediately then filled by Satan and Evil. Evil rushes in to the vacuum and what do you have today? You don't have a passive atheism, you have this angry atheism. People are mad at the God they claim they don't even believe in. When everything goes wrong they are cursing God. They don't curse evolution, the planet, or natural selection. They don't that. They are mad at the God they know intuitively exists. They are created in the image of God, to have a relationship with God, and when you don't have the relationship you are either empty and void or angry and mad and the truth is God can fix that for anybody. Dr. Hindson didn't grow up in a religious family (no God, no Jesus, no Bible) yet God invaded their lives through the power of the Gospel to transform everything and He can do that for anybody.

God is always redeeming the broken and reconciling the outcast. There is a story about the town of Jericho. It was a place of death and destruction. God cursed the city, condemned the city, everybody dies but spare Rahab (the prostitute, the outcast) and her family. She is redeemed, brought into the family of God and in Matthew chapter 1 she is in the line of Christ. God is not against outsiders. God is always reaching out to people to bring them into relationship.


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