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Are We Playing God?

Chimeras are embryos that are partially human and partially animal. Scientists are starting to blur the line between human an animal and are creating hybrids. The purpose is to harvest organs. They would take a pancreas from a pig and inject human embryos in it to be able to grow a pancreas for a human being. There are scientific reasons for doing this.

Joe believes it is a really tough topic. You have to look at people's perspective. What if you are on the receiving end and you need something like this in order to survive.

But are we playing God? How far is too far? We know God is the Creator, He is the one who creates life.

How does a person get a soul? If we create this thing in a lab what is it? Is it a person? It brings up a lot more questions than answers.

On the other side, God created us and we a mind and scientists have found a way to be able to help somebody. Like if somebody did need a pancreas and they would be able to benefit this instead of waiting for somebody to die to get their organ. Do the benefits outweigh the cons. How does it work out?

We need to look at what our faith says about these things.

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