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Are You Addicted To Your Cell Phone?

Are you addicted to your cell phone? So many of us are, but what is the difference in being addicted and just being a little too attached?

Dr. Merry C. Lin; Registered Clinical Psychologist, says that if your cell phone is interfering with your life, if you feel empty without it then maybe something more is going on that needs to be addressed. If you feel like your cell phone is meeting a need, soothing something in you or fixing your feelings of loneliness than you may be addicted.

It is okay if you use it to decompress after a long day but how long are you using it to do that? When it becomes your way of connecting with people that is a problem. Some people find themselves avoiding situations because they would just rather be on their phones. Anything in life could become addictive if we are using it to avoid real issues, or to soothe ourselves when we are feeling really distressed.

We are meant to connect with other people, the cell phone gives us the illusion of connection but it's not the real form of connection that God intended. When you spend your time with someone on or distracted by your cell phone it can make people feel like they don't matter. People think they can multitask but they really can't.

We need to turn off and disconnect more, especially when we are with other people. We need to create healthy boundaries. Even leaving work and turning it off. If you can't even fathom the idea of that you may have too many things you are trying to juggle. Set your priorities. One of the keys to success in treating addiction is through connections and relationships.

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