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Carlos Whittaker Challenges You to be a Moment Maker

Carlos Whittaker Challenges You to be a Moment Maker!

Carlos Whittaker is a blogger, worship leader, father, husband, and now an author of "Moment Maker" which challenges readers to live life to the fullest! Carlos grew up in East L.A., his father was the preacher of the first bilingual church where his sermons ended up being twice as long. He remembers the day his father told him, "You are 18 inches between heaven and hell" because he knew all the bible stories in his mind, but it never had transferred to his heart. When he was around 18 years old, he accepted Christ and started living his life for Jesus.

What is a Moment Maker?

Someone who is intentional about living their life. You can live your life, or your life can live you. Sometimes we blink and it's a year later but a moment maker blinks and it's a moment later. Life isn't speeding past us, we are speeding past life! There are so many moments we are passing by because of the distractions in our lives such as our cell phones.

How Can We Start Being a Moment Maker Today?

Set an alarm on your phone three times a day. When that alarm goes off, pause, look around, and find a moment. For example, when I was on a plane to Toronto, I decided to compliment every three people. At first it was awkward and people looked at me funny, but by the 20th person it was an elderly lady with these beautiful pearls, and I complimented her on the pearls. She lifted me up and said, "No one has said that to me since my husband passed away 5 years ago". That was the moment. Because I took a risk, I was able to rescue that moment.

The moment making life - it's not for the sake of just having a great life but it's for the sake of other people seeing Christ's face fresh again. As we are having these moments, we need to have people ask us, "what is making us do this?" And in the end, it's Jesus. When we study Jesus' life, the gospel is about moments he has had with his disciples, and with the people. I think Christ is the perfect example of a moment maker.

Three Types of Moments:

Created Moments: Created moments must be created. These are the moments where you put your head down and do the work. Birthdays, anniversaries, reunions are all fun to plan and create, but we also need to consider the in-between - the life that is lived around the big moments. Along the way you will find you are living a life filled with opportunities to create moments by yourself, for others, and with God. - Page 22 in 'Moment Maker'

Received Moments: "The moments where we go from trying to do something for someone else, to finding the message that was really in there for us." - Page 72 in 'Moment Maker'

Rescued Moments:  "Even when a moment scars someone, even when a moment devastates someone, it is never too late to rescue that moment. It is never too late to see the arms of Jesus around a moment and allow him to rescue it." - Page 111 in 'Moment Maker'


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