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"Marriages can and will not only survive but thrive when husbands and wives learn to cherish one another." Those are the powerful words of bestselling author Gary Thomas in his newest book, "Cherish." Gary Thomas is also the author of "Sacred Marriage." 

Gary has found that this concept has changed his marriage even after thirty years, and he has seen in many other marriages how there is a great difference between simply loving your spouse and cherishing them. A quote from his book reads, "Love is commitment, Cherish is delighting" A marriage without cherishing each other changes the witness and the satisfaction within the marriage. Couples need to not stop at love but push on towards cherishing each other. This is an intentional choice, as compared to ‘falling in love' which is such a passive and uncontrollable way to approach marriage. Cherishing can be chosen, built, maintained and renewed. It involves putting your spouse first and a change of heart, which leads to celebrating and having enthusiasm for each other. Gary cites Song of Songs 6:9 "My dove, my perfect one, is the only one." This enforces the belief from scripture that Christians are meant to cherish and have enthusiasm for their spouse.

The desire to be cherished is shared by both the husband and the wife, and even though men have a harder time articulating how they want to be cherished they still need it as badly as their wives do. Also, a part of cherishing a spouse is letting them decide how they want to be cherished. For men this is often being physically desirable to their wives, but for every marriage there needs to be curiosity to discover how a spouse needs to be cherished. Another part of cherishing your spouse is treating them royalty, for this will help them become the person that God has created them to be.

The one word that changes everything. Cherish. 

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