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Church Planting in Today's Culture

Rev. Graham Singh shares about helping church planters in today's culture and how we can utilize what we have within the church.

Graham Singh is staff at Lakeside Church in Guelph and Executive Director of Church Planting Canada. Singh is dedicated to planting churches in Canada, which has fallen over some hard times through the years.

"United Church of Canada stated publically they're closing 1000 churches in the next five years, at the same time we are seeing young men and women called by God, trained into church planting in some of the most innovative and creative ways. My heart is to play our part together and seeing those pictures come together."

As churches who own buildings and land are closing down. Churches are being planted and being held in portable trailers, theatres and parks to name a few innovative locations. 

Singh's vision for church planting in Canada is his "want to help hear each other's heart."

"For the young church planter, the best advice I have is to get plugged into a church planting network. Almost every denomination in Canada has a church planting arm. Get involved with a network. Planting on your own is never a good thing. It definitely doesn't happen that way in the bible. There is support, there's elders."

If you are a church planter looking for a new building, Singh suggests visiting his website where he wrote a blog post on 10 ways that a church plant looking for an existing building in their neighbourhood can take to approaching that church.  

"This is all about the local church, this is all about believing that God has given the amazing gift of the local church. When we see new vision coming alongside historic depth of character, depth of faith, depth of prayer, we see the name of Jesus glorified."

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