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Creating a Family Vision Board

Creating a Family Vision Board

It's never too early to have your children set goals for themselves. Imagine sitting down together as a family and taking time to think about the future - how you want to grow, goals to set - all this can be very significant in the life of a family. Instead of New Year's resolutions, make a Family Vision board that can be a great investment into the future.

Family Vision Board Steps

1. Decide what style of board you want to create. Maybe your board will be centered on a main scripture verse for the family or perhaps you would like all the kids to set some goals for the year, or each person can pick a word that will represent a virtue they want to develop. Decide on what you want your board to focus on that will best reflect your family.

2. Design your board. Use your imagination and creativity. You might want to do a shadow box style, a bulletin board, a framed picture - anything goes! You can get supplies that you need at your local dollar store or craft store. Let the kids be part of designing the board and creating some of the elements.

3. Have a night where you assemble and put the board together. When it's done, hang it up or put it in a prominent place in your home, as a reminder of your family goals.

Family Life can be busy. Having a vision for your family and setting goals for the year together can be so significant, as well as a great discipline for your children to get into at a young age. This Family Vision board, hanging up in the home will be a reminder that the family is working together.

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