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Crowder's "I Am" Reaches Billboard Top 10 Hot Christian Songs

"I Am" is Crowder's first single off of his first solo studio record, Neon Steeple released February 18, 2014 on sixstepsrecords. Though he was previously the frontman of David Crowder*Band, this album is Crowder's first foray into being a solo artist.

In a YouTube video released by the CrowderMusicOffical channel, David shares about a year long search for a team of players who he felt a commonality with and required to fit on a porch with instruments that didn't have to plug into a wall, instruments like the madoline, banjo, dobro, upright bass and fiddle. Fused with his childhood nostalgic influence of the beeps and blips of a video arcade and 8bit Nintendo, Crowder dubs the genres of 'Porch' and 'Computer' as 'Folktronica.'

"I Am" was co-written with Ed Cash in Franklin, TN. Crowder says,"The name of God, I Am, evokes the idea of presence and being. For me, that is one of the greatest hopes for the Christian faith, that no matter where you are in life, you live and breathe in the very presence of God and He has given access to himself, the creator of the universe." Crowder continues, "The brilliance about relationship with the divine is that we find in these moments that we feel the desperation, this clinging; we hold to this hope and find that He's actually holding us in his hands much more intensely than we could hope or dream."

Just before meeting to write "I Am," Ed Cash was recording with a choir group of orphans from Uganda. After all these children have been through, Cash was moved by the sparkle and the light in the children's eyes when they sang about Jesus. This experience led to the lyrics in the first verse:

Take me in with Your arms spread wide

Take me in like an orphan child

Crowder hopes the listener will embrace the message, "We are displaced people and God takes us into his arms."

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