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DIY Gifts for Dad!

Celebrate Father's Day this year by making something special for Dad that he will love. Here are a few ideas to get you started!

Dad Photo Booth

Get some fun and silly props and take some great pictures with Dad and the kids that he will remember for years to come! Visit the dollar store to get some props, or make some of your own.

Moustache Fun

Create some cute jars and bags for Dad, and fill them up with his favorite treats. He'll have his own secret "stache" of goodies!

Scribble Mugs

Get some white mugs, and some stick on letters. Use the letters to spell Dad, or a special word or Bible verse reference. Stick the letters on the mug and then let the kids scribble over the words with permanent marker. When dry, peel off the letters to show the fun message for Dad in a mug he can use everyday.

Car Track T-Shirt

On the back of a plain t-shirt, draw out a car track with markers or fabric paint. Add some houses and trees (get creative!) to finish off your little town. Get Dad to wear the shirt and lay down, while the kids can play with the cars on the track on the back of the shirt. So much fun, Dad gets a back massage and the kids get to play.

Fruit Pizza

Here's a nice healthy pizza for Dad to enjoy. Get a big slice of watermelon and cut it pizza style. Add some yummy fruit on the top to create toppings and Dad will have a delicious desert that the kids can have fun creating

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