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Do Over and Love What You Do!

A couple years ago there was a season I was struggling through, with big decisions to be made. A tangled up series of paths and roads spread out before me like twisted vines with no signs pointing to the way I should go. During this time, I came across a book by Jon Acuff called Start. His book encouraged me, helped me take some big steps, made me laugh, and trained me like a boxer to "Punch Fear in the Face." After that season of searching, I took some chances and made some big scary changes in my life. Holding on tight to faith-filled promises, I went for it. Took a running leap into the unknown, soaring through the air not sure where the landing would be. I had relationships with real-life people with skin that helped me through this time, but there was also Jon Acuff. He was my one-sided virtual mentor. He didn't know me but his influence in my life was considerable and helped me on my journey.

Fast forward to present life and the exciting moment hearing in a producer's meeting that Jon Acuff was going to be a guest on our show. Then, (and I may have begged) learning that I would get the opportunity to do a couple segments with him. I played it really smooth when I found out, and tried to be professional and not do my high-pitched excited squeal in front of my collegues. (I did it later, alone in my car.) The Bachelor had recently been on our program, and that didn't faze me. But Jon Acuff? The happily married, father of two, with words as his superpower? Let's get him an awesome rose!

It was incredible to have the opportunity to talk with the person who really, through his words, encouraged me to be brave and take the steps that eventually led me into my current role. In the middle of a Do Over, it was exciting to be able to talk about Do Over, from one of the people who inspired me to take the steps that led me to the Do Over. (I know, that's a little confusing. Imagine it as a full circle moment.)

So, take a look at our segment. Letters were painted; flowers were bought to match the book cover and we had an artist create paintings of the symbols that represent the Career Savings Account. The best thing is that I really and truly love the Do Over book and it's not just because it was read sitting poolside on vacation. Portions of it were recited to my 16 year old and he didn't groan, and for a young person starting out in the workforce the insight is valuable. For whatever stage you are at, whatever role you are in - this book will add value to your career life. I've taken some of the advise in regards to relationships into my job, and I'm learning new skills because who wants to be all Jurassic in the work world? I'm also valuing community more and realizing how much it's needed and how it ties into work life. Most important I am trying to hustle, and feel deep down that Jon is proud every time my alarm starts with a 4 (Even though he doesn't really know. But I pretend if he did, he'd say, "Way to Hustle. I see that Grit").

Thank you Jon for being such a great person in real life. Thanks for sharing the gift of your words in such an honest and authentic way and reminding us that our work can be awesome!

Don't get stuck, reinvent your Mondays and love what you do.

To Get Your Copy of Jon's Book - "Do Over: Rescue Monday, Reinvent Your Work and Never Get Stuck" CLICK HERE

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- James1:12 NLT
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