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Do You Want It All?

Do you want it all?

Gwen Smith, author and co-founder of Girlfriends in God, shares how she learned she can have it all through wanting it all in Jesus and fully understanding who we are in Christ, and living our life that way.

"It should impact and inform who we are. Our world should change. The way we think the way we dream. It is not just goals as the world would see goals, it's who does the Word of God say I am?

The book is designed in three parts, I want all the faith, the power and the impact. Love is right up front. It has to be foundational, and everything that we are going to try and accomplish in faith has to start with understanding more deeply God's love for us. It is hard, we have never been loved perfectly by any human as much as we want to

Only God can satisfy the love that we truly long for, no one else can. His love endures, it satisfies, it is perfected in us. God's love speaks and we just have to listen. It is really important to listen to God.

As a teen I grew in faith and I did love God, and I did want to accomplish big things for Him. Then I went to college and started to rebel in subtle ways. I knew God's word but I knew that I got this. This was a stubborn heart faze. I rejected His plan of purity for my life. In my junior year of college I found myself pregnant and in an abortion clinic. I was so broken that I did not want God's forgiveness, I did not deserve His forgiveness. There was resistance in receiving His grace.

It is not biblical to not receive forgiveness. We have it and must be open to receive forgiveness.

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