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Dr. David Jeremiah - Agents of the Apocalypse by Dr. David Jeremiah

By Dr. David Jeremiah

I encounter Christians every day who are anxious about the future, not only because of this increase in anti-Christian sentiment, but also because of the decline of economic and social stability.  In times like these, people tend to look even more closely at the book of Revelation, because perhaps above all others, it encourages Christians to keep hope alive.  It recognizes the hard facts of worldwide disintegration and persecution, yet it assures God's people of certain victory.

Because of the critical importance of Revelation and its relevance for our current reality, I recognize the need for fresh books to help keep its message alive.  But that need also presents a big challenge.  Revelation is hardly a fresh subject for authors to write about. No doubt thousands of books have been written on the topic, and I have already contributed several to that number myself.  So when I was urged to write again on the subject, the burning question in my mind was, How can I write a book that will present this important message in a new and captivating way?

The answer that found its way into my mind was to use dramatized accounts to make the prophecies in Scripture come to life.  But at first I could hardly accept the idea.  I wanted to present the biblical truths of Revelation, not speculative fantasy that might lead readers to wonder about its accuracy.  Yet the value of story as a vehicle for truth had been impressed on me by a man who is widely recognized as the most influential writer on Christianity in our time:  C. S. Lewis.

In response to those who were suspicious about the power of story to present truth, Lewis said, "Reason is the natural organ of truth; but imagination is the organ of meaning."  He was saying that stories can align reason with imagination and mind with emotion.  When truth is put in imaginative form, it can be driven not only into the mind but also into the heart.

So I asked myself, Could stories be used to drive the message of Revelation into the human heart?  The more I thought about it, the more convinced I became that they could.  While the book of Revelation presents an overview of the future, it provides little detail.  That is not its purpose.  Yet the cataclysmic and triumphant events it portrays will affect real people in real situations.  The players identified by Revelation in this end-times drama will also be real people - either people who go bad and wreak destruction, such as the Antichrist and the false prophet, or faithful people such as the martyrs and the two witnesses, who stand against these demonic individuals.

Capturing these players through the lens of story allows Revelation to come to life in a new way.  It enables us not only to see the over-arching truths of Scripture but also to experience them vicariously.  It gives us the chance to see the actions of these individuals up close and personal as they play out this cosmic drama.

In this book I've devoted one chapter to each of the most prominent players in Revelation - those who are the primary agents of the Apocalypse.  After I did the research on the key players or groups of players, I asked my friend, Tom Williams if he would write the dramatizations that illustrated the biblical truths.  He agreed to do so, and we have ended up with this unique book. 

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