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Dreaming Isn't Selfish

Holley Gerth is a best-selling author and certified life coach. Her newest book "You're Made for a God-Sized Dream" encourages everyone to find that God-Sized dream, regardless of the size, and pursue that purpose God has placed within each person's heart. You can find Holley's book on the Crossroads estore.

5 Truths that Set You Free to Dream:  "Dreaming isn't Selfish"

Ever since Eden, the enemy has come at us with a million different versions of the same question, "Did God really say?" And many times those questions are aimed squarely at our dreams.

Did God really say you have what it takes?

Did God really say that's what you're supposed to do?

When you follow your God-sized dreams, you'll face many external obstacles. But the biggest threats are from the inside. So let's talk about those lies.

She sits on the edge of her chair and stares at the corner of the room. I watch her fidget and run her fingers along the edge of her jeans. I can tell she's thinking of the husband and children and laundry waiting for her at home.

"I want to follow this dream," she says, "But it just feels so selfish."

Out of all the women I've talked to about God-sized dreams, this is the lie I hear most often. Women are a generous gender. We care deeply, passionately. We'd do anything for the ones we love. We serve selflessly. That is good, beautiful, and true.

But you matter too.

So do your dreams. The enemy knows that it's often one little word that can stop our dreaming in its tracks: selfish. We come to a screeching halt and say, "I'm not going within ten feet of that possibility." But if we tip toe closer to that lie, we can see it for what it really is - a mirage.

Let me cup your lovely face in my hands and whisper this loud enough for your heart to hear: "Your dreams, your desires, your hopes are not selfish when they are from God's heart and in his hands."

"God is love" (1 John 4:16). Everything he does is loving. Everything he places within you is loving. That includes your dreams. Now if your dream is to run off to Tahiti with the pool boy and live on a 200 foot yacht then, honey, that's a whole different story. But if you have yielded to God and there is this nagging desire within you that just won't go away then most likely it's from him. And if it is, then he has a way that you can live it out that isn't about selfishness but instead about service.

The dream may look different than you imagined. You might be speaking at local women's ministry meetings instead of jetting across the country every weekend. But there is a way for that longing in your heart to be fulfilled that will be a blessing to those around you too. The people in your life may not always like that you're following your dream. They may even whine about it from time to time. But not pleasing people isn't the same as being selfish.

You don't have to make everyone in your life happy - the only thing you must do is be obedient. 

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