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Each One Find One - Spark

I remember a conversation I had with my elementary small group girls. We were talking about the future and they were sharing their hopes and dreams, I loved it. From professional figure skating to worship leading, to owning a bakery and being a surfer - It was amazing to hear them dream out loud.   It all starts with a spark. I told them I couldn't wait to see what God would do with their lives. That in 10 years, I would look them up on Facebook or Twitter (or whatever else was out by then!) and be SO excited to see where God had led their life, and to see how they were living out their story! I'd be cheering them on!

A few weeks later we took this same group of girls to a missions warehouse. The girls packed over 400 bags to be sent to children all over the world. I was holding back tears all night. I was just praying that this night would be a spark, and that they would go home with a bigger worldview and knowing that they can be used to make a difference.

It all starts with a spark.

I can remember times in my life that were sparks. I remember sitting as a child listening to missionaries share their stories. That was a spark. I remember adults in my church that prayed for me and invested in me. That was a spark. I remember being given the chance to lead and having someone believe that even in my super awkward teenage years - I had something to offer and that God had a plan for my life. Those were all significant sparks in my life. Sparks that changed me.

We all have the opportunity to be spark starters for the next generation. A spark needs to be ignited. It won't start on its own. You've seen those guys out in the wilderness trying to get a fire going. They don't use one stick - they use two. All they need is to get one little spark. Then the fire comes.

A spark has the potential to grow into an amazing roaring fire that can be an all-consuming life changer. The younger generation has gifts and passions in them that need to be ignited. Things that they might not even realize about themselves. Let's help them get their sparks ignited. Let's not leave them alone with one stick, trying to start a fire all on their own. We can help them start it, and tend it. Let's look at the children and teenagers in our own lives and just imagine what they can do for God and give them opportunities. Working together, many fires can be started!

It only takes a spark! 

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