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Engaging with the World Through Social Media

Do you know that your giving is empowering us to reach Canada and all around the world? And social media is one of the main components that is changing the way the world interacts. Joining us is Shauna Cowden, our Social Media Lead here at Crossroads.

The landscape of social media is ever changing and progressing. The newest trend and craze right now is Facebook Live. It allows people to broadcast live from their devices, be it a cellphone or a tablet. You can chat with your viewers in real time! Believe it or not, we are broadcasting our program live on Facebook too! This opens up a whole new world for us at Crossroads as we are now able to engage with our audience in a whole new way!

Even when we go off the air, we are still able to stay connected through social media and interact with our audience all through the day. We post snippets of the program or various interviews and these content will live on in the social media world as long as other people at liking the posts or commenting on them. So we are constantly connected with people not only in Canada but on a global scale especially when our videos go viral and shared multiple times.

This is one of our passions here at Crossroads - we know that God is working all around the world and we love to share stories of people beyond the headlines. This is a great way that people can evangelize, through social media.

We strongly encourage you to share our content on Facebook and Twitter. Most importantly, we can't do this without your support.

To help us continue to stay relevant and connected here at Crossroads, please CLICK HERE.

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