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Enough: Finding Hope by Living with Less / WILL DAVIS JR.

Do you have enough? Our culture pushes us to strive for more--more money, more stuff, more clout. But how much is enough? And how do we know when we have too much of a good thing? In his provocative new book, "Enough" Will Davis Jr. shows us the rewards of living with less in order to be more and do more with our lives.

Will Davis Jr. (DMin, Southwestern Seminary) is the founding and senior pastor of Austin Christian Fellowship, a nondenominational church in Texas. He is also the author of Pray Big, 10 Things Jesus Never Said, and several other books. 

What led Will to write this book was "the difference between how I lived in America, and how people a three hour air plane ride South from my door lived, and why some people seem to be born with what I call less than enough, others have more than enough, and the line between the two" explains Will.

"There's a thing called enough that God defines, I don't get to define it, and he wants all people to move that direction."Enough is defined for us in scripture, God wants those with more than enough to serve those with less than enough and meet towards the middle. This is not a popular message" Explains Will.

What would happen is every pastor or Christian leader decided to live this principal of enough to become a little more generous?

"How about revival, how about awakening? God honors obedience. Stewardship is Kindergarten for Christians. God gives you the test of money. Luke 16, if you can't steward a little, he's not going to give you a lot. He is not going to give you real wealth which is spiritual authority and riches, if you can't handle mammon." 

Until we learn to be faithful on what God has given you, and bless those with less than enough. Why would He give us real things to manage?

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