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Eric Brandon's "All For You" Debuts on Crossroads 360

Eric Brandon visited the Crossroads studios to record the debut video performance of "All For You," accompanied by singer-songwriter Brooke Nicholls resulting in a beautiful duet.

Having toured his signature blend of soulful folk and indie rock across the United States and Canada, Burlington, Ontario native Eric Brandon is a local favourite and an international up-and-comer. He has brushed shoulders with some of the biggest names in the Christian music industry, having toured with The City Harmonic, The Newsboys, Aaron Gillespie, Abandon, Anthem Lights, and Daniel Bashta to name a few. 

Paralleling Paul's desires in Acts 20:24, "I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me," the lyrics in "All For You" juxtapose a mature reverence to God's glory, salvation and victory in Christ with an energetic and eager desire to run, not walk, in the path of God. His lyric, "Now I feel you pulsing through this heart," is beautiful imagery of the Holy Spirit manifesting itself in the human body while at the same time, the lyric plays off of the body's natural response to physical activity.

Eric hosts his own YouTube channel where his Living Room Sessions can be viewed. These sessions reflect a mature desire to draw on the promises of God even when we don't deserve it, "All things work together for my good, Your grace pulls me out of the deepest waters," from his song "All Things." In his second session,  "Trouble" gives a glimpse into the life of a young man searching to come into his own, realizing he needs the support of his family but in bold faith calling on the power of Jesus' name, "I've been trying so hard to be my own man that I've forgotten about those I love, those who make me who I am... So go away all ye troubles, I say it in His name." Eric concludes the Living Room Sessions with reference to the biblical story of the plight of the Israelites who lived for 40 years in the desert and the promise of God to His people. In his song "Know No Pain," Eric sings, "I will know no pain, my knees they will not tremble because in your name we are free."

Eric Brandon started his music journey playing in rock bands within the Burlington/Hamilton music scene, which in turn sparked his interest in writing music for a solo project.  After he started playing acoustic shows around the area, he was picked up by Hamilton record label Other Songs Music Co., a community-driven folk label who helped Eric to record and release the album. His time with Other Songs helped him grow as both a performer and song-writer, and helped introduce him to a larger audience through shows with well-established Hamilton indie-folk acts.

While working with Other Songs, Eric was given the opportunity to intern with the Christian rock band The City Harmonic, and toured with them, selling merchandise and working as their guitar tech. When their bassist Eric Fusilier was diagnosed with Leukemia in January 2012, Eric stepped up to tour in his place on their US run with The Newsboys.  As much as it was a challenging role to play, it ultimately led to him being asked to open for The City Harmonic on the Fall and spring leg of their I Have A Dream tour.

Eric's debut album Stories, released in September of 2011, and his 2012 EP Lost At Sea, are masterful works of songwriting, blending powerful lyrics and folk melodies with catchy choruses and well-placed instrumentation.

With a constant energy for new projects and tours, as well as a driven and relentless work ethic, this independent young solo act has a bright and opportunistic future. His humility along with his desire for progression and reinvention leaves his songwriting, records and live performances, incomparable.

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