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Evidence for Christ's Resurrection

According to Matthew 28:1-6, the women came to the grave and saw that the stone has been rolled away. Yet, why were the women going to the tomb in the first place?

Now, the traditional Jewish custom was to mourn at the tomb for 7 days upon the death of a person. Therefore the women came back with spices to anoint Jesus' body, and not in a least bit expecting a resurrection.

Evidence for the Resurrection of Christ

Dr. Craig Evans gave a quick overview on some of the evidence for Jesus' resurrection. 

  • All 4 gospels agreed that it was the women who found the empty tomb. Something that is written as a fiction would not use women as the witnesses due to the status of women during the time of Jesus.

  • If it was a made-up story, then who was it that met Paul on the road of Damascus? Paul was not a follower of Jesus and thought that the movement of Jesus needed to be stamped out, even violently. This radical conversion says a great deal about the risen Christ.

  • Furthermore, there was a group resurrection experience. About 500 people saw the resurrection Christ at the same time which is highly unlikely if it was just hallucination.

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