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Exclusive: HGTV Host Paul Lafrance - A High School Dropout to a Successful CEO

Paul Lafrance, most commonly known as the "Deck Guy" both in the Reality TV megacosm as well as in the average North American home, is also a musician, the CEO and founder of the international design company, Paul Lafrance Design, and the father of four daughters.

Between tight TV filming schedules and managing an international design company, the demands for his time can be crippling at times. Trying to balance it all with four daughters, who are so important to him, becomes increasingly difficult.

It is at times like these where he would simply go, "God, should I do this or not?" And if the answer is "Yes", then Paul will go ahead, knowing that God will walk him through it.

God has always been faithful to him.

Growing up, there were three things that Paul was always passionate about - music, building and designing things and a deep fascination for people.

When he was a kid, if the person who is trying to teach him something is not passionate about it, then his brain will just disengage. So he decided to skip out on classes in high school that did not interest him. Eventually, Paul got kicked out of high school.

Yet Paul had no issues about being a high school dropout. He had no problem that the reason why he did not do well in school was because his brain didn't function in the same model that the school system had set up. He knew he was smart. He was one of the lucky kids who refused to have that label of ‘failure' to be put on him.

Paul's high school English teacher quoted this to him as he got booted out of school, something that stuck with him all these year, "Don't ask yourself what the world needs from you. Instead ask yourself what makes you come alive and go and do that. Because what the world needs are men and women that have come alive."

At that moment, Paul saw the connection between what he said and what Paul knew about God's heart and character.

"(God) is wildly passionate about me and about what He wants for me to be able to do and partner with Him in."

Through the years, the trials, the pains and the successes, Paul remained real and vulnerable. More than that, he stayed close to God through it all, knowing that on his own, he can never live up to his calling.

This is Paul's journey, faith and life - uncensored and built by God alone. 

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