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Flowers on the Doorstep

Sometimes I ask God to do something out of the ordinary.

I call out to him from deep within my heart.

Show me that you know I am here.

Show me that I am where you want me to be.

Show me that I am not walking alone.

We've all been there. The road and journey are not always easy. The path is filled with many distractions that try to rob us of our joy. We think the way is clear, but all that is really clear is that we are not sure of the way. The map gets folded and worn and we struggle to see which direction is best.

I trust God. I trust that he loves me but sometimes I need to know where he is.  Like a child that cries out urgently in the middle of the night, I cry out to my father. And I wait for him to answer.

Please show you me your face.

I need to know you are here.

It was one of those weeks, one of those times that I longed to hear the voice of my father. I had decisions to make, answers I was seeking. Truth that I was longing to find. So, I called out like a child, "Where are you? Can you hear me? Please do something out of the ordinary so that I know you are extraordinary." I set that prayer before my father. And then I went about my routine.

Make dinner. Clean up dinner. Make lunches. Plan tomorrow's dinner. Check laundry. Do laundry. The tick-tock of my everyday life. Clocking in. Clocking out. Starting over. Getting up. Repeat again.  One evening as I lived my daily rhythm, I went outside to get something from the car. I had almost forgotten that I called out. But then I remembered, and I stopped in my tracks.


The most beautiful flowers at my front door.

Just sitting on my step.

My father had heard my call. You see, I love flowers and I love surprises. My father knows that about me.

Later I learned the flowers were left by a friend. But that did not stop my excitement. To my heart, I knew that the timing was no coincidence. If God wanted to make a statement through a thank-you bouquet, I was ok with that! I had been praying for my father to do something out of the ordinary and he did. I had never found flowers on my doorstep before. And I didn't even have to ask. I knew God was sending me his love. I took it as a gift from him.

I love these verses from God's word

Psalm 84: 1-2 "How lovely is your dwelling place, Lord Almighty! My soul yearns, even faints, for the courts of the Lord; my heart and my flesh cry out
for the living God."

My God is alive. And there are times that I long for him and my heart cries out. For a LIVING God. One that interacts and is present in my life. Knowing me and walking with me when the path doesn't seem clear. Helping me make my way.

And sometimes, just to make sure I don't forget

He leaves me flowers on my doorstep.

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