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Forgiveness and Love - The Keys to Reconciliation

Reverend Canon Dr. Andrew White lives with a price on his head. But he never look fearful or distress. He is the Chaplain of St George's Anglican Church in Baghdad, Iraq since 1998 and divides his time between Iraq and the UK. He is known to promote reconciliation in conflicts all around the world.

It's a message about one thing - Love

Everything is about Love. Canon Andrew's ministry is all about love - their reconciliation work, the engagement with the terrorists, their provision of relief and healthcare etc. Simply because his "boss" told him to love his enemies.

It's difficult to grasp who Canon Andrew is and what he is doing. Canon Andrew is a medical doctor and a Hebrew scholar called to the Arab world. Nothing about his life is normal. He has friends from every faction and community - both good and bad. He has played an important role of bringing different factions together in a discussion and allow people hear each other's stories.

"Who is my enemy? It is the person whose story I have not heard."

"Father Forgive…"

Coventry Cathedral is where Canon Andrew began his reconciliation work. Following the bombing of the mediaeval Cathedral in 1940, Provost Howard had the words 'Father Forgive' inscribed on the wall behind the Altar of the ruined building.

When asked why he didn't finish the inscription with "them", this was his reply: Because we all need to be forgiven.

It is not just "them". It is "us". We can't separate ourselves from those who might be perceived as needing the forgiveness, because we all need it.

Forgiveness is the means of restoring relationships and breaking down all barriers. It's what keeps us together. We all need it. 

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