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Forgiving Her Alcoholic Mother

Julie Meyer always believed in Jesus. She went to church as a small child, but never actually had a personal relationship with Jesus.

When she was in second grade, her mother bought her a brand new upright piano as she had always wanted Julie to have one. She worked hard to pay it all off with the tips that she earned at her waitressing job in Wamego, Kansas.

That piano became Julie's refuge. She would always play hymns on it. Julie would run to it when she is happy; she would run to it when she was sad. Music quickly became her main focus. Fortunately, both her parents had a passion for her to play music.

At 17, she gave her life to Jesus - thanks to a pair of twins who have invited her to their bible study. The minute Julie gave her life to Jesus, her commitment never wandered. Jesus was her center and her life. However, by this time, she also fully hated her mother...

"Well, my mom is a drunk and I hate her. And it's ok, because she's always drunk."

That statement stopped the bible study at the retreat and led to the youth leaders spending time with Julie and ministering to her about what forgiveness meant. It was a long journey of forgiveness and battling of emotions.

Julie understood that the wrestle of the emotions is not wrong. The wrestle will make you stronger if you land in the right way. It was a daily wrestle between hating her mother and deciding to forgive all the time. Yet Julie kept choosing to forgive and never stopped praying for her mother.

After four decades of struggle, her mother finally gave her life to Jesus. At that moment, Julie truly felt the extent of Jesus' love for her mother. That one decision changed everything. The day her mother went to be with the Lord, as she walked out of the room, she said, "I love you, Mom." And the last words Julie ever heard from her lips were: "I love you too..."

It was a wrestle in prayer, in hope, in life and in her walk with the Lord. But in the end, it was all worth it.

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