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From Being a Street God to Knowing the Real God

Dimas Salaberrios started selling drugs when he was only 11 years old. By age 16, he has served his first stint at the notorious Riker Island Prison. His only way to survive is to continue to reign over those streets. He strived to become the richest, most powerful and most notorious person in the hood or he will die trying!

Discipled into the world of darkness at a young age…

Dimas grew up in a middle-class home. His mother was a principal of a school and his father was a correction officer and captain of a jail. In other words, based on his family background, his story shouldn't have been written this way.

Yet, crack cocaine swept into his neighborhood in Queens, NY. Dimas saw kids pulling up in BMWs and Mercedes-Benz at the age of 14 or 15 on his way to school everyday. He started asking around to find out what's going on. That's when people told him about this new drug called "Crack".

The "Crack Epidemic" was just ripping through the streets of New York City. In Queens, one drug block is known to make $150,000 a day in selling drugs! Dimas was enticed by this - power and money.

His mother told him that he can make such money after he had graduated from college. But there's a part of Dimas that screams out, "I want it now!" And the problem is, he actually knows the way to get it now.

So at the tender age of 11, he started seeking out one of the biggest drug dealers (that he could find), who would guide him into selling. Dimas quickly learnt that if he worked with them, he would probably be killed. That was when he ventured out to open his own operation.

He found out that he is actually really good at doing this! He became a "street god" at the young age of 15, running 3-4 different drug blocks. This comes at a cost though.

Through those years, Dimas was almost beaten to death, almost got his fingers cut off and locked up in ‘the hole'.

It was truly the prayers of his mother that kept him alive all those years.

God showed up in an incredible way…

Dimas' mother was not a regular church goer. Desperate and fearful for her son's future, she went to a church and handed them his name, asking them to help pray for him.

It was then that God started showing up in little glimpses.

The turning point came when his friend showed up at his house one day. Dimas saw a car with a few other guys by the street. He put one and one together and quickly figured out that they were there to kill him. He followed this man to the side of the house, only to find his main enemy waiting for him there. He knows his time is up.

At that moment, Dimas told God, "God, you got to get me through this…"

His friend pulled out a gun and put it to Dimas' head. "My brother is dead! You were not there for me!"

Dimas just stood there and said, "Jesus."

He pulled the trigger and it went ‘Snap!' Then he pulled it again, and again. Snap! Snap! Snap! Dimas was just standing there, jerking at every shot.

By the power of God, no bullets came out of that gun!

He looked at the other friend and said, "Let's go!" The two of them took off running.

Dimas just stood there, and looked up.

"God, if You are this real, I will do ANYTHING that you want me to do. I am in Your hands."

From that day on, Dimas followed Jesus and never let that prayer down.

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