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From High School Drop Out to Success / PAUL LAFRANCE

Paul Lafrance is known from Decked Out, Deck Wars, Disaster Decks, Custom Built & Canada's Handyman Challenge. He is Designer and Owner of Paul Lafrance Design.

"There is an element of childlikeness into everything that I am doing. I find that to actually be the key to this comical success. In any position that I am in where people go 'wow!' is proof that God has a terrific sense of humor. I am a high school dropout, I have no business training, no design training, I have no business, no credentials whatsoever to be doing anything that I am doing right now, other than the three things that I have loved doing since I was a kid - Lego, music and people. Those are my three credentials."

LeFrance started a company out of boredom and received a call after being on a Breakfast Television segment, when a friend of his who is a television producer, saw him on television and offered him a television show.

"That was a weird thing for me because that was not expected...The day that Decked Out was going to air and I knew that my whole life was going to change, I said [to God] I don't understand, what does this television thing have to do with your Kingdom? What does this have to do with the heart that you put in me, to see your sons and daughters understand how loved they are, and that they understand that they don't have to live this life afraid?" 

He said, "Paul, separate from the relationship between you and I what is the one thing I have continually told you? That you would be doing in this world from the time you were young?"

"You've always said that you would be raising me up on a platform where I would be speaking your words in a way people hadn't heard before."

"Paul what's a deck?"

That was when it hit Paul.

A deck is an elevated platform.

From that point on, Paul has continued to follow God's direction in all areas of his life.  

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