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Getting Jesus Right / Dr. Craig Evans

Dr. Craig Evans is one of the foremost scholars alive today in the study of the historical Jesus. Focusing especially on his death and resurrection. He wrote "Getting Jesus Right" with James Beverleyand it is a response in part to a book that came out a few years ago by Reza Aslan called "Zealot", which was such a controversial book.

Dr. Evans says that it was controversial because it was very popular and dredging up an old theory about a Jesus as a Zealot who is trying to conquer Jerusalem and drive out the Romans. It is an old theory that has been trotted out before AND refuted. It bothered him because Reza Aslan was taking a very hard and skeptical look at the gospels which was uninformed and ill advised. He makes statements about Mohammed and Islam and he gives them a pass. He accepts what the Quran says and teachings about Mohammed very uncritically as if they can accept whatever is said there but he is very hard on the gospels, which if you get into them they are far better sources.

Many scholars are on a quest for the historical Jesus and in this interview Carey Nieuwhof sits down with Dr. Craig Evans to discuss this search and the response to critics.

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