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God Will Make You Strong / LIFE HAPPENS

Today's encouragement comes from Philippians 4 verse 13 which says, "I can do all this through him who gives me strength." We can overcome discouragement and fear with strength that comes from God. When life happens we can let it define us, destroy us or strengthen us.

So what does it mean to be strong?

To be strong is to have strength of character to withstand the pressures of your circumstances and cling to hope in adversity when life happens. Can we encourage you to…

Be strong in your character, by hearing and applying truth to your life.

Be strong in spirit, enough to let go of the past.

Be strong enough to stand-alone.

Be strong enough to let others in.

Be strong by speaking honesty in love.

Be strong, even in the face of feeling weak.

Be strong for the tasks that are ahead.

Be strong and overcome judgment.

Be strong in the presence of your critics.

Be strong and know there will be adversity.

Be strong when life throws you curve balls.

Be strong by spending time in the word of God.

No matter what you are going through today, you are strong because our Lord gives you strength. You are strong because God's love is a power unto itself. You can be strong because there is hope in Christ.  Would you take a moment to ask Him to come into your heart, to forgive you, to strengthen you - He is able to do this, and He will if you ask Him.

We close with our theme passage for Life Happens from Joshua 1:9 and encourage you to-

Be strong and courageous.

Do not be afraid;

Do not be discouraged…Why?...

For the Lord your God--

Will be with you wherever you go."

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