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"God's Not Dead" Actor, Shane Harper, Explores the Field of Apologetics

Shane Harper is an American actor, singer-songwriter and dancer. One of his most recent role was playing Josh Wheaton, a Christian college student, in the Christian-based film, God's Not Dead, with Kevin Sorbo as his philosophy professor.

In the film, Shane's character enrolled in a philosophy class taught by an Atheist professor (played by Kevin Sorbo) who demanded all his students to sign a declaration that "God is Dead" to get a passing grade. Josh Wheaton was the only one who refuses to sign. Subsequently, he was required to debate the topic with the professor and the class members decide on who wins.

The overall storyline of the film and Josh Wheaton's character arch attracted Shane to the role. He had always been attracted to the apologetics. Growing up in a Christian home, Shane started asking a lot of questions when he was around 12 years old.

He started turning to people like C.S. Lewis, devouring Lewis' works in search for answers. In some ways, there are parallels between his own journey of faith and Josh's journey in the movie.

There are times where we would have our own doubts and ask questions. That is the journey of faith, the journey where we continue to search for the truth and grow stronger in our faith in God.

Shane Harper experienced it through his life, and through his work as he continues to plough forward to become the man that God had created him to be.

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