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God's Will is About Who You Are - Not Where You Are

In Johnnie Moore's shares in his new book, "What Am I Supposed to Do with My Life: God's Will Demystified", that the question of God's will is not as difficult as we make it. God's will is more about who you are, then where you are or what you are doing. God's will is more about going until He stops you, then waiting for Him to tell you to go. People often wait around for God to tell them what to do (what is Your will for my life?) but the Bible teaches us to get moving in the most logical direction and God will stop you if He needs to. What we often do is ask God for signs. This is not a very Jesus friendly thing to do. We have all prayed for a sign to make a decision and we think it's a statement of faith but it is actually a statement of fear and can open up to the enemy playing games with us.

For years his career was to listen to University students asking questions, what is God's will for my life. This was one of the reasons he wrote the book. The whole church needs this truth. He writes, "It's our job to keep our car on the road, He'll take care of the guardrails - and He's got quite the track record. No one has ever driven God off His road."

It's really simple. We get in more trouble by decision paralysis, then we do by making wrong decisions. We decide not to do anything because we don't see which road to go. The truth is, sometimes, you make a decision and then you make it a good one. Sometimes we complicate the process. We just need to move forward one day at a time and keep working on it and as you look back you will find yourself in the will of God. Pastors often like to over spiritualize the parts of the Bible that are under spiritualized and under spiritualize the parts that are over spiritualized. He also discusses the idea of commitment, he argues that the question of God's will is a whole lot easier to understand than we make it. The real problem is if we would be committed to God's will in the first place if we knew what it was.

What do you do when you have options in your life? You are in a good place and you are offered another opportunity or multiple opportunities, and all the choices are good. How do you choose from what is good, from what is better, from what is best? Johnnie says, "YOU JUST PICK ONE". Nothing is perfect, make a decision and make it a good one. We have made people believe that there is right and wrong and we need to hit the bull's-eye or you are going to mess up your entire life.

 Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful. (Colossians 3:15)

A lot of times we want God to make decisions for us but a lot of times God leads us to the road and then let's us take the step. Develop yourself first and then get busy. Work like everything depends upon you, pray like everything depends upon God. We don't have time to wait, we need to get moving.

God's plan for everyone is BIGGER than we believe, and He BELIEVES in us more than we think, and we wouldn't believe it if He told us what he wanted to do with our lives.

Johnnie also talks about the importance of prayer in decision making, the importance of sacrifice, and counsel, to make sure, you are making the right choices. In his own recent job change he made sure to get counsel from mentors and friends and ask for their advice and wisdom. In life we face a lot of forks in the road. We ask peoples advice, we make sure we're healthy before we make a decision. Everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial and constructive. Simple formula for making these types of decisions:

Where there's a command in scripture you obey it. Where there isn't a command you have freedom to make a responsible choice. When you make that responsible choice, rely on God to work out the rest.

Often times in life we have the ability to make choices and make them good ones. It's time for people to start making the choices they're delaying. You may be thinking right now, I've never prayed so hard in my life, I've never fasted so much, I've never wanted to hear from you more. Why won't you just tell me what to do Lord. Know, He would not be helping you by answering your question. It's not that He doesn't hear you - He cares for you so much - He won't do it for you. So many lessons to learn, so much more of Him to experience. God will help you along the way but He will never give you an excuse to live without faith and courage. So take that step, into the unknown, God made you the way He made you for a reason. His plan for you is bigger than you think and He believes in you more than you believe. This isn't the most difficult moment of your life - this is the beginning of the next step of your life. He, though He might be quiet, is right there with you.


God, there are so many things, so many life questions, I thank you that these are simple questions to you, I pray for the courage to do what I know I need to do. To make the decision that makes the best sense, even if it isn't the easiest decision. I pray that you do through me what your word says, something exceedingly, abundantly, above and beyond what I've ever asked for or imagined. Teach me how to walk in faith and courage. In Jesus name, amen.

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