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Joe Amaral, producer of "Understanding Jesus" talks to us about Good Friday, from the context of the life of Jesus and the land where Jesus walked.

According to the scriptures, we know that Jesus was crucified on the day of the Passover - the day the lambs were being sacrificed. That is why Jesus is called the "Lamb of God". But what's beautiful is, as we understand the day of the Passover, we start to see all the parallels in the life of Jesus as the Passover lamb; how his blood was slain for us.

In the time of Mosses, when they sacrificed the lamb, they have to take the blood of the lamb and apply it to the sides and top of every home. You weren't saved because you were Jewish or because you were righteous.  You had to take what the lamb did for you and apply it to your own home. And when you do that, you are actually drawing the Hebrew symbol for "Life".

As the Angel of Death comes, he will see the life in the blood of the lamb and Passover the homes. That's the original Passover.

When Jesus was crucified, he died at the ninth hour. Joe did some digging and realized the significance behind it all. He learnt that 3pm is called the "twilight hour" in Judaism - where one day is ending and one day is beginning. That's the perfect time to close off a holiday.

With Passover coming to an end, the assistant of the priest would ascend the steps to the temple and blast the shofar at 3pm, signifying the end of Passover and no more lambs can be brought in for sacrifice. To the Jewish people, the shofar represents the voice of God.

So when the shofar was blown that day, it declares that it is finished. At 3pm that particular afternoon, Jesus, the Son of God, was crucified on the cross.  From this point on, it is finished. No other lambs need to be sacrificed anymore.

The blood has been shed.

It is FINISHED.     

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