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Helping Churches Through The Rocket Company

Almost a decade ago Casey Graham had a burden to try to help churches that had financial needs, business needs, administrative needs but perhaps they just didn't have the size to be able to support that need with either a full-time or a part-time person. Out of that desire came a company, and a ministry called "The Rocket Company" that is now touching thousands and influencing thousands of churches and pastors all across North America.

The Rockey company is everything that pastors did not learn in seminary. 

They have Preaching Rocket which helps preachers preach a better sermon. The sermons are one of the things that grows a church that fastest. Good preaching is so important, over 90% of first time guests come back to church because of the pastor or the sermon.

They have Giving Rocket which helps churches have more money for ministry without doing silly capital campaigns.

He figured out how to put together annual budget campaigns. That's what giving rocket is all about. In North America they studied over a thousand churches and 86% of churches are at break even or broke. Only 14% exceed their budget. They went inside to research what is happening in the 14% and there are some very simple things that are happening. Things they are experiencing are online recurring giving. In the business world that is called subscription revenue. In the church we don't think of that. Alot of the solutions are digital when it comes to giving. Having a giving kiosk helped many churches. Having a mobile solution to be able to give. Being able to swipe your credit card at your weekend service. We no longer carry cash.

Another aspect of The Rocket Company is Volunteer Rocket. They believe that volunteers should be fired up not burnt out.

Worship Rocket. You walk into most worship services and the men are not engaged. They have practical ways to get people engaged, and get people to sing.

He was in a really great church but he had an entrepreneurial spirit. He actually got leadership and mentoring from John Hull when he had this dream. John told him that it was okay. That he wasn't leaving ministry by leaving a staff position. After 2 years about him talking about this dream his wife said he needed to do it and stop just talking about it. Pastors kept asking him how to have more money for ministry, how to preach better sermons and he started by simply answering the questions.

How do people get engaged with this? Casey says the best thing to do to get started is to watch their weekly show called "Rocket TV". It gives free practical content, they also give the opportunity to take the next step and go into one of their coaching programs. The Rocket Company has different people who support what they are doing. Who provide the different resources.

Casey says that the greatest challenge for pastors right now is decentralization of leadership. We have so much technology that we can leverage. We can reach so many more people just by leveraging technology. Technology can be a pastors best friend if they are not scared of it and embrace it.

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