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Helping the Homeless Through Hockey

At the age of 27, Gary Scullion was living on the fast track of success. He was working with Coca-Cola at that time, and enjoyed the fruits of his labor. Yet he still felt empty on the inside.

Gary's sister had received Christ in her heart a few years prior and she is the person whom Gary often turns to for advice. In 1989, he finally knelt down and gave his life to Christ. That was the best decision he has ever made.

When he was 32, Gary got promoted to Regional Vice-President with the company that he was working with at that time. He was trusting God has something in plan for all of this. At this point, Hockey Helps the Homeless was already established. With the promotion, Gary was overwhelmed with emotions and was weeping on the edge of his bed, praising God for His goodness and favor. His 4 year old daughter walked in and was surprised to find her daddy weeping.

"Daddy, why are you crying?"

"These are happy tears, because Daddy just got a big job at work and it's going to be really good for the family..."

The next thing she said, became a confirmation for Gary. He knew that God had spoken to him through his daughter...

"Does this mean that you have more money and you can help more poor people?"

That stayed in Gary's heart for the years to come.

In March 2011, Gary made the decision to retire from corporate life so that he could devote all of his energy, passion and experience to Hockey Helps The Homeless in his new role as President and CEO. Over the years, they have raise over $6 million in net revenue and had helped an estimated 20,000 homeless men, women and youth. He brings extensive leadership experience to Hockey Helps The Homeless including over 25 years in the consumer packed goods industry working with large, global companies such as Cadbury, PepsiCo and Coca-Cola. Upon his return from the US in 2007, Gary sparked a vision to take Hockey Helps The Homeless across Canada. Today, Hockey Helps The Homeless operates in all 7 Canadian NHL cities, with more locations on the way. 

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