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Honouring God Through Music / NATALIE GRANT

Natalie Grant has had over 3 million in sales, she is a 5 time GMA vocalist of the year, and has had multiple Grammy nominations.

Natalie however never even planned on becoming a singer. She loved singing but the idea that you could be a professional singer sounded so ridiculous. It wasn't real life. She went to college and studied education in hopes to be a first grade teacher.

To get to end up actually becoming a singer and doing it for Jesus and for God to bless it. There was a journey in making sure she was doing it for the right reasons and that put the drive in her to continue to do it because she knew she was doing it for a purpose higher than to just do it to be a singer.

She was offered a secular music deal when she first got started with a label that launched Britney Spears, the Backstreet Boys and NSYNC's careers. However it was not tempting to her. She says she doesn't have a problem with people doing mainstream music as long as whatever you are a part of is still honouring to your faith it just wasn't who she was.

She has still gained many fans through her music and Natalie talks about staying humble when you have fans looking up to you. Natalie says that if you are not humble, there will be something that comes along in your life that will bring you to a place of humility. She says, she constantly has a battle in her own mind of the idea of Christian entertainment and what that even means. Her goal when she puts her feet on the platform is to encourage the believer to enter the presence of God. She gets worried about the idea of "selling Jesus" through Christian media and that plays into the idea of keeping a sense of humility. It is not about making a name for herself. It is about honouring God and His word and living our lives accordingly.

Part Two of Our Interview with Natalie Grant:

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