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Hope for Liberia

The world was gripped by the Ebola crisis just a couple of years ago. The core was in Liberia. Zeela Zaizay was a first responder in that crisis.

He works with a global ministry called, "Effect Hope".

He learned of the Ebola crisis in May of 2014. Before this he was working to strengthen the health systems of Liberia. They were working to help with a flesh eating disease there as well as facing leprosy.

When Ebola became an outbreak he was already working with the ministry of health. SO they provided the government with ways to help. They focused on early detection and management. Gave supplies to the government and had a network of people that helped the government and provided many resources. Partnerships what such a value.

Prior to Ebola they had an extremely weak healthcare delivery system. Workers lacked training in certain areas. Due to this Ebola had the chance to spread for 4 months before they did anything about it. Then due to lack of training lots of healthcare workers were dying due to wrong contact with patients.

The healthcare help they did have were dying or resigning.

This crisis however was a platform for "Effect Hope" to come in and fill the void.

In September and October of 2014 the tide began to turn. They are implementing plans to develop their healthcare systems. They want to strengthen it so that the Liberian people can take control of their own health within 5 years.

There is hope in Liberia.

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